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(Informational list)


Assyrian Youth Center "ASHOUR" is non-governmental organization and was established in 1997 and was officially registered on the 27th of February 1998 by the Ministry of Justice.

  • The aims of organization are the revival of Assyrian language literature, religion, traditions and culture; sport development on the territory of Armenia among Assyrians; lasting contacts arrangement with foreign Assyrian and International organizations.

With the support of the Armenian Government "ASHOUR" Center intends to take charge of the Assyrian language studying system at schools and open Assyrian classes for students and youth at the "ASHOUR" Center; to render financial support to talented children, students, post-graduate students and scientists.

"ASHOUR" Center at the Ministry of Education

has raised and solved the following problems:

  • Since August 1997 put Assyrian language study into the program of compulsory education at the places mainly populated with the Assyrians.
  • Since 1998/1999 at the Yerevan school named after Pushkin a class with the Assyrian language study was opened.
  • Since the 6th of March 1999 by the radio station "Voice of Armenia" Assyrian broadcasts began.

In 1999/2000 created:

  • Collect the new first Assyrian class at the Pushkin school;
  • Methodical group for the development of Assyrian language teaching methodic at schools;
  • Methodical group for the preparing and attestation of Assyrian language teachers;

In 1999/2000 it is planned to create:

  • Four places for Assyrain graduates at the Yerevan Institutes. We asked the Ministry of Education of Armenia to submit places hors-concours (this question now is in the process);
  • Assyrian ensemble for dances and songs.


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