Albert Khoshaba


Club: Al-Shourta(Played for Aliyat Al-Shourta before merger in 1975)
Position: Midfielder/Forward
Ex-club(s): Moathafeen Al-Habbaniya, Al-Fareeka Al-Thalatha (Now Al Jaich), Maslaha Naqil Al-Rakab(Now Amana)

Albert Khoshaba or Alberto as his adoring fans knew him was a quick-darting left winger who was a regular for the Iraq national team during the 60s. Started his career with Moathafeen Al-Habbaniya in 1954. A year later he was called in for his national services and played for Al-Fareeka Al-Thalatha for three years. In 1957, he moved to Baghdad based club Al-Maslaha, where he was one of the star players at the club. He left Iraq in 1959 and immigrated to England but returned a few months later due to homesickness and joined Aliyat Al-Shourta in 1960. Albert Khoshaba was one of the fastest and most dangerous wingers in the Iraqi game, who was once described by the legendary Benfica and Portugal striker Eusebio as 'one of the best wingers he'd ever seen' after exchanging shirts in a friendly between a Baghdad select team and Portugal in Baghdad in 1966. Khoshaba was a player capable of tearing great holes in opposing defenses, with his outstanding skills and breath-taking pace.