Dr. Sargon Dadesho


September 18, 1948 in Habbanyia, Bet-Nahrain (Iraq). 

* Elementary and Secondary education in the fatherland. 
* Modesto Junior College 1968-1971 ( A.A. degree in Biology). 
* Stanislaus State University, Turlock 1971-1972 ( B.A. Degree in Biological 
* Chico State University 1972-1973 (M.S. degree in Physiological Sciences). 
* U.C. Davis and Pacific Western University 1973-1976 (Ph.D. degree. in Physiological Sciences). 

* International Scholarship 1969 (Modesto Junior College). 
* Who's Who in the West (20th Edition). 
* Who's Who in America (44th Edition-Index). 
* Recipient of countless honors from Assyrian and non-Assyrian educational and national organizations, clubs and students associations. 

Publications & Books: 
* Founder & Editor of Bet-Nahrain journal since its inception in April 1974. 
* Assyrian National Question at the United Nations (1986). 
* The Politics of Assyrian Nationalism (I 988). 
* Balaam: The Assyrian Prophet ('L989). 
* Assyrian Literature, a book in the Assyrian language to be published in 19917. 
* Author of countless articles in the English, Assyrian and Arabic languages on the Assyrian national question published in several Assyrian and foreign publications. 

Assyrian National Responsibilities: 
* One of four original founders of Bet-Nahrain Organization in 1974. 
* A founder of Bet-Bahrain Democratic Party 1970. 
* A founder of the Assyrian National Congress and its President since 1987. 
* A founding member of the Iraqi Free Council. 
* Assyrian delegate to various United Nations' conferences, especially in New York, Geneva and Copenhagen. 

* Mass Media Director of Bet-Nahrain (KBSV-TV23 AssyriaVision Television Station and KBES-89.5FM Radio Station) since 1974. 

* Aspirations: A national homeland for the Assyrians