By Misha Talya

Khoshana Lawo


Khoshaba Lawo Kanon was born on July 1st 1939. He started his athletic career playing for the Assyrian Athletic Club team in Baghdad 1955.


In started playing for the Public transport Services in 1956 for two years during that period he was recognize and selected to the Iraqi National team in 1957. Where he was the youngest player of the 1957 Pan Arab Games in Lebanon were he played on the Iraqi National Team.

Next he moved to the 1st Air Force Club to outshine there for two years from 1958-1960.

Khosha lawo acquired great skills playing among the greatest ever players in the Iraqi soccer history, players like Ammo Baba, Youra Ishaya, Aram Karam, Edison, Ammo samson, Gilbert Sami and others.

Throughout his career he played 65 Games against foreign teams to retired in 1965.

Assyrians lost a great athletic son when Khoshaba Lawo passed away on July 16th 2000.