Solomon (Sawa) Solomon


Mr. Solomon (Sawa) Solomon was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1944 from a Timari ancestry; his great grandfather was Malik Youkhanna Badawi of Timar.

In 1962 Solomon moved to the United State of America, settling in northern Michigan. Four years later he moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana where he earned a BA in liberal art in 1969.

Solomon now lives in Tennessee.

In 1985 Solomon moved to Chicago where he developed an intense interest in modern Assyrian history. The following year, his articles started appearing in Assyrian publications in the Us and Britain but especially in Nineveh magazine, published by the Assyrian foundation of America, in Berkley, California when he received much encouragement from its editor Julius Shabas. The subject of his articles, almost always accompanied by rare photos, deal mainly from personalities, events and places in our century. Solomon has written the following list of unpublished books,

* The Assyrian Levies, A short History

* Chapters from Modern Assyrian History

* A Family History

Solomonís first published book is Prominent Assyrians a biographical book on modern Assyrian personalities.