Agha Patros

 Agha Petros

Genaral Agha Patrus  


Was born on April 1st., 1880 In the Lower Baz village , Ottoman Turkey. He completed his elementary education In his village school, and went to Urmia and attended one of the European Missionary Schools.  He spent 3 years In America and was active member of the Great Cosmopolitan Community. He was well learned In Assyrian , Turkish , Arabic , French , Persian , English and Russian languages . Due to his language skills he was employed as secretary by the Turkish Consulate In Urmia. In 1909 he was appointed Turkish Consul. He was exiled by British authorities In Iraq and resided In Toulouse , France . He participated In the League of Nations Peace Conference, October 26, 1923 . He was poisoned and died In France February 2nd, 1932.